Air and Earth


my weary feet
my weathered hands
so at peace
being immersed in the Earth,
but the Air pulls at me
not feeling this detachment,
wanting to spark some type of attraction
to get me distracted.

At first, my toes and fingers
cling onto the Earth;
Its’ roots wrapped around me
seemingly like super glue.

oh, we shall not be moved

but who knew how determined
this Air could really be,
starting off as a gentle breeze
kissing my cheek.

But as time went by
noticing I was still resistant
Air had to go to plan B,
cranked up the intensity
to the point where my lips were pried
and my mouth was open wide
to the invasion …

and the temperature felt so good

I slowly loosened my grip upon Earth’s roots
and It began to cry, clawing feverishly,
but it was too late as my body became limp
surrendering to the bend
of Air’s mighty arms
and we traveled together
blending in
with clouds and sky.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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Posted in national poetry month 2013

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