Snapshot (freestyle throwback)

I’m the M-O-N to the I-C-A
And I’m gonna be me each and every day
And some of my writings gets “high fives” and “that’s tight”
Like a chic saving her virginity until her wedding night
The things I spit on aren’t quotes from a book,
But most are from experiences that gets the average person shook.
Yes, I can talk a bit about actual Resurrection,
Death tried to snatch me three times
But He pulled me in another direction.
I’m not even saying anyone should be like me,
But you should be the best person that you can be.
Don’t look to others to give you satisfaction;
Don’t be content to blame others; be part of the action-
An architect in your own awesome foundation
Of course you are going to experience complication,
But that is the way that you test your own steadfast,
Not a challenge if someone can easily triumph your ass.
Treat Life not as a sprint but as a marathon
Use known methods, not quick fixes, to build your strength upon
How are you going to increase your own immunity
If you don’t get trials to see that your body works perfectly?
Hell, no, I am not striving to be the next Kanye West;
Each day you’re breathing shows you’re trying to pass the test;
Some of the strongest and sweetest gets the heaviest hits;
You get told it’s too rough and that you should quit;
If I had a dollar for every person you told me that line,
I swear I’d be a multi-millionaire about ten times,
And if I let doubters and critics compose my outcome
That’s like Drake originating rapping and singing…can we say dumb?
And if you don’t like what I’m talking about, then that’s rough
When I’m moved to talk about these things, I scribe it up,
And that’s the thing other people don’t seem to understand;
There are Higher forces calling me to use my hands,
And my worth isn’t measured by dead Presidents,
But am I helping anyone with these feelings that I sense?
And if I’ve touched one life, then I’ve met my goal
If I saved another from domestic violence, then I’ve been made whole.
Yet you still have others thinking I’m elitist;
The moment you spitting that acid, you’ve already been defeated;
I’m one of the most caring, humblest souls on this Earth
Those can attest who’ve known me for a long time and since birth;
I’m that Phoenix whose flame will always remain bright,
Possessing the spirit of Grandma Florence and Grandpa Ike
So while you’re being ratchet and spazzing out like a fool,
I’m gonna pull a Michelle-keepin’ everything classy and cool.

Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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