All Authors Blog Blitz: A Closer Look at Harmony Kent

Greetings everyone!
It gives me great pleasure to present Harmony Kent as part of the All Authors Blog Blitz event.  Here, I get a closer look at the talent behind the writing as well as insight into her latest book, Brisingamen.

Q:  What is your name?  Do you use a pen name?  If so, why?
My name is Harmony Kent.  I do use a pen name, as this allows me the freedom to write whatever I want to, without worrying about what my family, old colleagues, etc. might think! (I used to be a Nun, and my writing definitely doesn’t fit into that Genre!)

Q:  Share a little bit about yourself.

I am 40 years old (okay, if I’m being really honest, I am 40.96)!  I am single with no children but have plenty of cure gremlins around me who claim they are my nieces and nephews.  When they get too much for me, I throw them on the rebounder for an hour (kidding).  

shares chuckle with Harmony, thinking she doesn’t look a day over 28

Six years ago, I suffered a major injury during routine surgery which led to a below knee amputation three years ago.  This is mostly why I am no longer a Nun and have the luxury of being able to spend as much time as I want writing, reading, making cards, learning the piano–oh and occasionally remembering to sleep.

Q:  What type of genre do you write?

My first book, Brisingamen, is in the Genre of Fantasy Fiction.  Whereas my current book in progress, The Glade, is more in the area of supernatural thriller (I think)!  I am playing with the idea of trying my hand at YA (Young Adult) next, as this is a Genre I particularly love to read.

Q:  You already mentioned Young Adult is a Genre you love reading.  Are there any other genres that whet your reading appetite?

In addition to young adult, I read fantasy, fiction, action/adventure, crime thriller, and paranormal. I enjoy a broad range of books and am always ready to try something new.  I don’t go for outright erotica; that is just not for me.

Q:  Do tell about your latest work.

My latest book is called Brisingamen and is in the genre of Fantasy Fiction.  The idea for the book came after having read news reports online about the finding of Britain’s “Atlantis”, which really sparked my imagination.  Here is the blurb about my book:

Beneath the North Sea a land of magic lies undetected. The lives of many are drawn inexorably closer together in a race against time, as both energy companies and evil beings attempt to destroy the magic which is protecting not just this land but all worlds. The unwitting protagonists have no idea of how suddenly and irrevocably their lives are about to change. Are they up to the challenges they now face?
Below is an excerpt from Brisingamen:

Excerpt: Matthias watched, appalled yet relieved, as Irina slaughtered the advancing palefaces. She seemed to transform before his very eyes into some kind of white demon, still exquisitely stunning – even in her terrible fury. He remained frozen where he was as she turned her attention toward the dwarves, and Aart and Else. A shudder ran through him as he saw wolves bounding into the fracas. He crouched over Gemma as best he could, she was unconscious again, he worried at how badly she may have hit her head when she fell…He [knew] he had failed, he had not managed to protect any of them…

Q:  What sparked your passion for books and the art of a good story?

Since being a small girl (really for as long as I can remember) I have had a love of reading and making up stories.  In school it came as no surprise to anyone when I excelled in English studies…We’ll stay quiet about the math marks though!

chuckles to self

Q:  Is there a particular book that changed or affected your life in a big way?

A Heart as Wide as the World by Sharon Salzberg–a book on Buddhism that really changed my life hugely.  After reading this I went on to spend 13 years in a Buddhist temple, ten of those as an ordained nun!  So I guess we could say this little book had a big impact.  This book really spoke to me.

Most recently, and in the realm of fiction, I would have to say that the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer and also the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling have all caught my rather vivid imagination.

Q:  Is there a message in Brisingamen that you want readers to grasp?

Not to be controlled by our random thoughts; that we can be in charge of our own lives.  Things happen that are outside our control, but only we can change how they affect us.  We have the choice.

Q:  What challenges have you faced in your writing career?

By far the hardest part is getting the book discovered, finding readers.  The writing is easy and something I enjoy immensely, but the marketing…yikes!  I am also having to get to grips with running a blog and being active in various forums–as you can imagine, having spent 13 years out of circulation, this is somewhat of a challenge for me.

Q:  What has been  your best moment as a writer:

Seeing the book in print and holding it in my hands…ooh, my first book!

Q:  Who is your author idol?

I don’t know that I have one.  There are so many authors that I respect and revere it would be unfair to try and single any one of them alone.  Sometimes it can be one line out of a whole book that just does it for me, you know?

Q:  Do you see yourself in any of your characters:

Well, I would have to say that some of Aart’s experiences after his accident are from my own personal experience and absorbed into his world.  Dirck’s self-searching and iner learning are also quite close to some of the things I have discovered for myself over the years.

Q:  Do you feel like your dream has come true or is there more to be done?

My dream of writing a book and publishing has been realized.  My next ambition is to have it read!  As I enjoy writing so much, this is what I will continue to do.  Even if only one person ever reads my work, if it enriches their life somehow then I have done my work and am happy.

Q:  Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to quit?

Never–not with my writing, it is just too much fun for me.

Q:  What do you do when you’re not writing?

I read!  I also make cards, listen to music, and am learning to play the piano.  These days I am also to be found writing on my blog.

Q:  If one was to stumble upon your work space, what does it look like?

Most of the time, it is boringly neat, although there are times when there are bits of paper with notes written on strewn all over the place!  My computer faces the window onto the back garden, and I frequently stop and gaze at the view.

Q:  What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

Have fun!  Take a break once in a while and RELAX.

Q:  Did you have a moment when you realized you were meant to be a writer?

My first English essay at school–much to my teacher’s dismay! (She got more pages than she bargained for.)

Q:  What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write for yourself–don’t try to imagine what a prospective reader, your family, your boss, etc. might think about this, that or the other; you will just strangle your writing if you do this.  Don’t try and force it if the ideas dry up for a time, just relax and sit down to write when the story starts flowing again.  This will help you to achieve a vibrant dynamism in your book and it will flow beautifully for the reader.

Q:  After Brisingamen, what can the readers expect next?

Forest of Dean: source Wikipedia
in this interviewer’s opinion, absolutely breathtaking

More books!  I am currently writing my second book, The Glade, which is based very loosely on the Forest of Dean–which I believe J.K. Rowling based her Dark Forest on.  It is one of the few true, large forests left in the UK and Europe.

Synopsis of The Glade:  A tranquil forest clearing that seems like a dream come true for the Wenstrops, but all too soon strange things start happening.  Helen is arrested for the murder of her husband, but did she do it?  What is really going on?  What is more, her husband’s body goes inexplicably missing whilst she is being held in custody.
Keep an eye on my blog for upcoming sneak peeks and giveaways!

Q:  Keeping an eye out; I most certainly will do.  Before we come to a close, let’s provide information on where one can get a copy of Brisingamen!

Paperback:  Lulu 

The paperback version of Brisingamen can be found on Lulu.  It is the process of entering their distribution system, which will include sites such as Amazon and B&N.

The ebook has been distributed to Sony and Apple.  Due to technical issues between Smashwords and Amazon, it is not yet on Amazon but hopefully will be soon!

It’s been lovely talking with you!

All the best

Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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