All Authors Blog Blitz: A Closer Look at Karen Einsel (aka Purple Iris)

Greetings everyone!

As part of the All Authors Blog Blitz event, I am happy to present to you the talented Karen Einsel (known to many as Purple Iris).

Karen Einsel (also known as Purple Iris)
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When it comes to this romantic writer’s style, the best way to coin it is: The End is The Beginning.  For more of what I mean, I will leave it to Purple Iris to expand:
As far as my writing style…I’m backwards.  I wrote the last book of Chris’ Journey first.  In fact, when I started writing that last book, I started with the first chapter, wrote a paragraph, set it aside, wrote the second and third chapter, and then made the mistake of reading a blog post that asked, “How will your story end?”

I panicked for two days, couldn’t write a word.  Woke up on the third day and there was my ending.  I wrote it out, then wrote all the middle chapters, and then finally, wrote the first chapter.  I find I have to know how my book is going to end just so I know what should happen in the story.

Speaking of Chris’ Journey, let’s talk more about the book.  Let’s take a peek of what this work entails.
Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners 
Book 1: Her Journey Begins
Available: Amazon Kindle
Chris’ Journey is classified as a Romance but is more of a Drama with Romantic Elements.

Chris is a foster child living with a foster mom who only has Chris and three other children to collect money from the state.  Since Chris is the oldest, it falls on her shoulders to take care of the younger children.  On her twelfth birthday, Chris is removed from the home and placed temporarily with a young couple who cannot have children of their own.

Walk with Chris as her journey from being a foster child to falling in love with her high school sweetheart–only to meet with tragedy, rape, and abuse.

Can Chris keep her faith in what Barb taught her–“that everything happens for a reason”?

Author’s Thoughts:
There’s more to Chris’ Journey than romance.  There’s sorrow, pain, laughter, joy, family and friends, all wrapped around a tender sweet love between Chris and Brandon, her high school sweetheart.  There will be heroes and heroines, good guys and bad, people you’ll love and people you’ll hate–and this is just the first corner.  Come cry, laugh, and love with Chris as she begins her Journey Turning Different Corners.

This multifaceted book definitely speaks “must read.”  Also be on the lookout for Karen’s latest book, Judged by the Cover, also available on Amazon Kindle.

Thanks so much for your time!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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  1. kkrafts says:

    Looks Great! Thank you hugs coming your way.


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