The Mind Behind The Pride

Today, as part of The Pride Series weekend, A Queen’s Ramblings stops to have a Q & A with the author behind The Pride Series, Jill Sanders.  Thanks, Jill for stopping by!

Queen: How has being in a big family shaped your social interactions and your outlook on life?

Jill: Well, for one I’m an extrovert  I think being one of the youngest from such a large family has made me less afraid to try new things in life.

Queen: What factors ultimately made you decide to trade in the world of computers for the world of your own imagination?

Jill: Moving to rural east Texas and living a slower life helped me see that dream come true.

Queen: What was the inspiration behind The Pride Series?

Jill: I’ve had the stories running through my head for a very long time. Growing up in a small town, I missed the feeling and enjoy writing about Pride.

Queen: Gives us a glimpse into the latest volume of The Pride Series, Lasting Pride.

Lasting Pride:  At almost eighteen years old, Roberta Stanton had grown up a thief, taught by her father, the best in the trade. Breaking into the old brick building was easy, the rewards had been high and she’d got away with it. Or so she’d thought, it had only cost her the lives of seven of her best friends. Ten years later, now Rob found herself on the other side of the law. Tracking down the thieves of millions of dollars worth of art and getting attacked, was the least of her problems. 

Ric Derby has spent his last ten years inventing himself and the Blue Spot, his art galleries. Now with five different “Spots” opened around the United States, he is finally in control of his life. What he didn’t expected to find, was his new assistant dead and several millions of dollars of art stolen. But, what really shocked him, is seeing the detective assigned to the case. Then, they find out the theft is a personal vendetta. Meant to steal everything he’s worked hard for and trying to kill him in the process. Even trying to take away something that Ric had just found for the first time in his life, love.

Queen: What is next after The Pride Series? Will you indulge in more romance novels or branch out into different genres?

Jill: I’m starting on my next three part series full of action, suspense, with hints of sci-fi, paranormal and of course full or hot, steamy romance.

Queen: Aside from the actual writing, what do you think is the most difficult part of writing and why?

Jill: Editing and marketing. As an indie author these are the biggest challenges.

Queen: What is the strangest thing that has given you inspiration to write?

Jill: After my mother died I knew I wanted to push myself to leave something behind that would last, part of my imagination, the stories going through my head had to be shared.

Queen: What is one unique characteristic people do not know about you?

Jill: Hmm, well, I think if they’ve read anything about me they know I’m a identical twin, but maybe they don’t know that we are mirror image identical twins. This is very rare. We are identical but opposites. (I’m right handed, she is left handed, and so on.)

Queen: How did you become interested in doing interviews and reviews for authors?

Jill: I love supporting the Indie Author community. I’ve found so many wonderful friends & comrades and wanted to support them as they are supporting me. Thank you!

Queen: What are three things self-published and indie authors should do to stay motivated?

Jill: Talk to each other, help each other out, and enjoy!

Check out even more of Jill as she embarks on The Returning Pride tour starting this Monday!  Have a great weekend, and Jill, thanks again!



Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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