The Joy of Getting (Reviews)

Back in June, three people were recipients of an autographed paperback copy of Reflections of Soul, along with some other goodies, depending on where they placed in the contest.  Since then, I have heard back from two of the winners, expressing their thoughts on  this publication.

Angela Lykebudda White, expressed her rating on Goodreads, giving it a 5 star, and let me know that “Death Called Me” and “Human” were two of the poems that really captured her heart.

Catharina Shields, shared her views not only on Goodreads, but on Amazon and Smashwords as well.  She also gave Reflections of Soul a 5 star along with a detailed review on this work.

See one of the reviews (via Smashwords) below:

Review by: Catharina Shields on Aug. 05, 2013 : star star star star star 
I won this book in the Lucky Souls Contest, and after receiving it, I couldn’t be happier. I now have it on my nightstand.

Every person who has a tender heart should own a copy of this beautiful book of poems. You’ll find yourself diving into it from time to time throughout your life as you experience the roller coaster of emotions this author has, and what she’s masterfully put into touching poetry.

It’s well-written and it’s held my attention from the very first poem, “Beginnings”. I’ve savored each and every word, felt each and every word as I read it, and could recognize myself and past experiences – both happy and sad – in each and every one of them.

I highly recommend “Reflections of Soul” to every one. I believe, truly believe, this is a “must have” for everyone who’s old enough to have experienced the ups and downs of the heart.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

It means a lot for me to get feedback on what I write, whether it is five stars, like these ratings have been, or even if it is rated lower, with suggestions on how to improve.  I thank these ladies for taking the time out to review my work.

Feeling happy and humble.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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