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Greetings everyone!

How are things going?  I hope all is well.  I will be very glad when Spring finally arrives to New Jersey.  I am very sick of snow.  This year has more than made up for all the years there have been mild winters.

Although it’s a good time to hibernate, I’ve been doing anything but–as you can tell by the graphic.

Let me explain ….

Sorry I couldn’t resist…lol

Seriously.  Let’s talk about Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes, which did come out in mid February as scheduled!  Yippee!!!

This work is technically a revamp from the one I put out in 2006. Yet it is the revamp that required the most work.  Compared to this, Spaded Truths was a cake walk.

I took a sledgehammer to this work. You would think some of the pages looked like someone testing a pen to see if the ink still flowed. Squiggles, cross outs, word swaps: you name it; it was in there! 

Titles changed. Works taken out. Lost works placed in. Order rearrangement, since it’s also based on moments in time. Making the works blend with the progression of fire concept that was implemented. Adding other helpful information that wasn’t included in the first take. 


One of the hardest things was fighting the urge to make the work pretty. 

Pretty, as in overly censoring. Because it is partly biographical, I didn’t want to sacrifice the true emotions of the work for the sake of taking out a curse word that may offend. In that moment, when it was occurring, I would not have said the censored word, I would have said the other word. I used this same care in each and every work. 

Since Private Pain touched on so many real situations, I wanted to do more than just a cover reveal and an interview. I wanted to talk about some of the issues touched on in the work (neglect, family dysfunction, bullying, rape) but I needed more than a day to do that. 

All Authors Blog listened to what I wanted to do with this work and was able to provide ten days for me: March 16th-26th. I was very grateful because not a lot of places will give that amount of time. Plus, it shows they understood what I want to accomplish, and that this work goes beyond just the poetry. In addition, I am giving away a free autographed copy of this work during the time I’m there.

Hope to see you along for the ride!


In the meantime, check out the coming soon announcement from All Authors Blog

A Queen Revisits

and the book trailer for Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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