Every vs. The Hater (poetry freestyle)

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For every step you try to take to the top,
there’s a person who stops to grab your foot.

For every plan you map out towards success,
there’s a person who wants to turn your plans to soot.

For every smile you flash just because,
there’s a person who thinks that you’re just being phony.

For every triumph you celebrate with others,
there’s a person who aims to piss upon your glory.

If you see that foot grabber,
step on his fingertips.

I got your back!

If you see that person with lighter fluid
near your stack of papers,
I got a match
so stays the hell back.

If you see the whistle blower of phony,
feel free to cry out “Bologna”

If I see the person try to spray urine your way
I’ll say, “Sorry about that
but the restroom’s this way.”

Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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