Maybes (Poetry Freestyle)

What if I walked down the hallway
and other people were hurling things at me?
Food and drinks decorated my face
and covered my frame.
Would you still know me,
or would you run in shame?

Let’s say we were eating dinner
and the waiter presented us with the check.
Suddenly, he’s sorry to tell me
that my card was declined.
Would you do anything
or would you go and hide?

What if you were looking for me
and you discovered me in an alley way?
Stripped–surrounded by three men
Taking their turns raping me.
Would you just stand and watch,
Or dare to see if I’m okay?


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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