Unapologetic (Poetry Freestyle)

Should I just give people what they’re accustomed to?
Minimal amount of cussing while expressing my point of view?
The many arrays of different talents I possess– people have no clue.
Each time they act surprised I can’t help but be amused.
Who? Oh you’re asking about my different muses?
Those dudes have never been dead; maybe a couple of times, just snoozing.
There are so many independent ratchet wannabees; it’s easy to get confused–
with half crafted, convoluted
half assed, completely diluted:
skank representations of what works people ordain should be read.
When the shit looks like remnants of Black Ops zombies,
think it’s high time they’re all shot dead!
Everybody can’t be in the writing game.
Overly sensitive souls: exodus now activated, stage right:
saying words like honesty but they aren’t really meant.
Give me back some of that change from those lies you spent!
Then I’m the bad guy and you quickly cite slander,
thinking that I’ll bow down, bitch out and then pander.
Let me give all of you some interesting back story:
many years ago being an Ice Maiden was part of my glory.
So don’t get it twisted; I can easily turn Antarctica cold
if you want to keep acting hard and being bold.
While you stay acting a fool and continuing to be shady,
You’re just a movie preview for me:
I’m cackling loudly and have dubbed you crazy.
While you’re writing for what you can easily hold,
I’m always writing for what you can’t.
There’s nothing you can possibly say or do
to ever put any possible hint of taint
on my writing craftsmanship–that to me
has always been as natural as breathing.
A phony will never hold a candle to me:
that’s why he’s steadily seething.
So go and buy four and five star reviews.
Get Award Winning placed on the book covers.
The exciting countdown has already begun
before true lovers of this craft discover
the main thing that sets people like you and myself apart:
You do it for money, fame and applause
while I’m in it for the beauty of the art.
All those things you’re struggling after
can be gone at the drop of a dime,
but the connectivity I have with others through my words
will remain priceless and continue to shine.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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