Behind the Scenes Shout Out 2: Reflections of Soul

Thank you Teianna 
(aka Pooh Bear)
❤ you
Greetings everyone!
This week, I am taking some time to give some special shout outs in regards to Reflections of Soul.
This particular lady I’ve known for a long time.  She and I originally knew of each other in the days of Fireseek/Urban Poetic.  This was back in my college days in the late 1990’s.  
You sure can’t tell it by the picture though.  She doesn’t look a day over twenty five.
Moving on.
When the bond between “the inspiration” and myself started to dissipate, I didn’t confide in too many people. True I would write about some of the struggles on my blog via Yahoo 360.  As far as actually reaching out to someone, it was something I didn’t utilize.  I was usually that person everyone else leaned and depended on so for me to actually need it was unfamiliar territory.
In the background, this beautiful spirit was always there to listen–through the fussing and through the tears.  I am forever grateful to her because it was not an easy time for me.  
Although the miles separate us, she is deeper than a friend to me.  She is family and I love her immensely.  It it were not for our love of words via poetry, we never would have connected.
I am so grateful to her.  
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