Behind the Scenes Shout Out Five: Reflections of Soul

Chantay Legacy Leonard
Greetings everyone!  I’m back again to do another Behind the Scenes Shout Out for Reflections of Soul.  I hope the featured person doesn’t mind my giving a little back story.
I first became familiar with this person back at one of my old Internet stomping grounds.  A series of unfortunate events happened which led to those stomping grounds no longer being my home.  Eventually those havens were disbanded but quite a bit of damage was done.  One of those did involve a serious rift between the person pictured and myself.
Throughout those years, there were quite a few attempts at repair.  Yet I’m not the easiest person to make one’s way back to.  It was during the era of rebuilding when I debated on what to do with Reflections of Soul.  I was ridding myself of all that reflected the pain of the relationship and that work was part of that time.  She advised me that I shouldn’t destroy the work.  No matter what pain the other person caused, it still brought out my talent.
She was right.  Once I was able to see it from that vantage point, it was the first step in taking the sting out of the memories.  I was truly able to focus on the actual work itself.
Making the decision to publish it really did wonders for me.  The peace I wasn’t able to fully achieve before became established.  Who knew that it would take sharing it with the world to arrive at that destination?
I thank Chantay for putting everything in proper sight for me.  Although things are not as they were during the Fire, she and I have both learned a lot and have emerged as stronger people.
It is the home stretch.  Just three days left.  
Do you have your copy yet?
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