Let’s Talk Westmore with Carol Cassada

Carol Cassada
Author of the Westmore series

Greetings everyone!  Today I have a very special treat for you.  Author Carol Cassada has stopped by A Queen’s Ramblings to talk about the inspiration behind the Westmore series and share an excerpt from Westmore: Betrayal, coming out later this month.
Carol, you have the floor and thanks for stopping by!

Words from the Author:

As I’ve stated in past blogs and interviews, soap operas are the inspiration behind my book series Westmore. For those not familiar, the series follows the lives of three families as they interact with each other and face struggles in their lives. Along the way there’s lots of romance, drama, and hidden secrets. As any soap fan will tell you, all characters have their secrets and that’s the theme of Westmore: Revelations, the fourth volume in the series.
One of the huge secrets in Westmore: Revelations involves The Braxtons. The family enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, but a deadly secret has haunted them for the past 20 years and created a family feud. The feud between the Braxton siblings erupted following the death of matriarch Alexis. Caroline accused her father Clayton of murdering Alexis and this didn’t set too well with Caroline’s brothers; Andrew and Jeff. They couldn’t believe that their father would kill their mother and they disowned Caroline. But as it turns out Caroline’s instincts were right and her brother Andrew knew the truth, but kept it hidden.

As with all secrets, this one eventually gets out and falls into the hands of Andrew’s worst enemy, his own son Wayne. Andrew and Wayne have always had a volatile relationship, due in part to Andrew’s controlling nature. When Wayne learns of his father’s misdeeds, he decides to use this to his advantage and get revenge on Andrew.

Will Wayne succeed in his plan? Will Andrew’s secret be safe? Or will the family find out about their scheme?
The answers to these questions will be revealed in Westmore: Betrayal, which will be released later this month.


Glancing between the envelope and his son, Andrew ran his hand across his face, his worst nightmare came true, the secret was out. He chastised himself for keeping the documents, How could I be so stupid? I should’ve known better. All secrets are bound to be revealed.
Throughout his life Andrew was able to get out of tough jams, but this was going to be
his biggest one to date. “Now that it’s out what are you going to do?” He acted firm to keep Wayne from noticing his fear.
                “My first question is why?” he wanted answers straight from his father’s mouth and he sure as hell was going to get it. “Come on. Explain to me why you covered up grandma’s death?”
                “It’s complicated.” Andrew came out from behind his desk.
                “That’s the way it is with our nutty family.”
                “I didn’t want to, but my father talked me into helping him.”
                “So let me see if I have this straight?” He rubbed his chin. “Grandpa, convinced you, his own son to help cover up the death of your own mother?”
                Andrew clapped his hands. “Bravo, Sherlock, you’ve solved another case.”
                “This isn’t funny, dad. This is serious.” He raised his voice. “How could you do this?”
                “To protect my father.”
                “Why would you do such a thing?”
                “Look, the night…of my mother’s death. I got a call from my father; he was panicked and told me to come over. When I did, I saw my mother’s body on the floor laying in a pool of blood.” The memories of the horrific night still sent shivers down his spine. “I asked him what happened and he confessed that he killed her. He said he didn’t mean to, she was threatening to leave him again, she claimed she already had a divorce lawyer and her bags packed. This upset him and he took a fire poker and hit her over the head.”
                “And that’s when you decided to help him. Not once did you consider calling the police?”
                “I couldn’t,” he protested.
                “Why not?”
                “If I had it would’ve caused trouble.”
                “And keeping it a secret has caused trouble,” he shot back.
                “Let me explain.” Andrew calmed himself. “If I had turned my dad in, then it would’ve been the end of our family. The amount of bad press received would be unbearable, our company, our legacy would’ve gone under, we would have nothing left.”
                Wayne shook his head as he looked at his father. “So that’s it? You lied to protect the damncompany.”
                “Don’t you talk that way,” Andrew raised his voice, disgusted his son would insult the company which provided food and clothing, and the other luxuries of life he enjoyed.
                “I’ll say whatever I want. All you care about is the business; it’s always on your mind, 24/7.” He fumed. “You’re so obsessed with the company, you missed my little league games, Leslie’s ballerina recitals, all the important events in our lives that you should’ve been a part of.” He walked to the French door and gazed out into the darkness. Thinking about how Andrew treated him over the years riled him.
                He walked to and put his arm around his son. “I’m sorry, I missed out on those moments,” he said in a sincere tone.
“Let me ask you something. Was it worth it?” He glanced into the window pane to see Andrew’s reflection. “Was covering up your mother’s death, protecting your murderous father, and the beloved company, worth all the pain inflicted upon the family?” He waited for an answer, however Andrew remained silent. “You don’t realize how many lives you’ve destroyed. Caroline, Jeff, not to mention us. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt you have a single ounce of remorse in your body.” Disgusted by his father Wayne walked away, he placed his hand on the doorknob and as he was about to leave Andrew stopped him.
“What are you going to do now?”
                He took a deep breath, and kept his father in suspense until he finally replied, “Everyone deserves to know the truth.”
To explore all books in the Westmore series, please visit my Amazon page to purchase.
Queen of Spades, thanks for having me.  I really enjoyed my time.

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