What’s Your Secret to Great Writing

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Not too long ago, I was featured in another anthology by Durham Editing and Ebooks.  This time, a short story anthology: Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets.

One of the things that is a staple of Durham Editing and Ebooks is a lead in question prior to presentation of the work itself.  For Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets, I was asked the following question:

What is the secret to great writing?
I am going to share the response I gave, and please feel free to share your take on this as well.


What is the secret to great writing?
(My thoughts)
The secret to great writing is connectivity.  It is similar to a recipe for baking a cake.  There is a list of ingredients with numerical amounts to how much you should as as well as when it should be added.  If even one element is off, then it can alter the finished product.
When an author writes something, she has to grab the reader’s attention right away.  The first few lines can mark the difference between one continuing with the story and one opting to pick something else.  What can you say in the beginning the keeps the reader interested?
Once interest is captured, then other elements need to be worked in.  This can be quite a juggling act.  Characters, conflict, plot, pacing, resolution, and presentation all have their roles to play.
Where one area may be lackluster, other components have to take up the slack–not just as filler but with material just as savory as the rest.
As an author, one almost has to be a psychologist–tapping into all the areas of a reader’s composition and hope for more hits than misses.
Connectivity is the award that supersedes trends.  No matter what genre an author specializes in, if each piece written invokes relatability, then one secures a place as a phenomenal storyteller.

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