Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour

Greetings everyone! (and yes, I’m going to keep the photo upside down)

I was tagged by fellow author Sarah Michelle Lynch and you can check out her blog here.

Here are the rules: Share seven lovely things about myself, nominate 15 blogs that I enjoy reading (or as many as possible), and nominate those fifteen blogs to do the same, linking back to my post.

All right, here goes everything!

Seven Lovely Things

1.  For a few years in high school, I experimented with screenplay writing.

2.  I still don’t quite know the how, the what or the why of quite a few Twitter hashtags.

3.  I have picture collages in two of the rooms in my apartment due to the weird angles of the walls.

4.  I was a huge fan of dogs and shared my grandmother’s disdain for cats… until I moved up to the Northeast and a few cats over the years dubbed me their human.  Needless to say they have grown on me.

5.  My third favorite color is black.

6.  One subject I will never tire of talking about is wrestling.

7.  I have a gargantuan love for oil on canvas.

Alright, let the nominations begin:

1. C. Desert Rose, Youth/YA Paranormal Author
2. Adonis Mann, Aspiring Author
3. Rachael Rippon, Author and Reviewer
4. Mahogany Dymond, real talker about real life
5. Andrew Boyd, advocate of honest conversation
6. Room with Books, place of all things books
7. Synful Desire, writer of erotica, romance and the heat in between
8. Casey Harvell, Author
9. Andrea Houtsch, Author
10. Carol Cassada, Author
11. Kali Tenee, poet, author, graphic designer…is there anything this lady cannot do? 🙂
12. Angela Lykebudda White, Author
13. Da’Kharta Rising, Author
14. D. John Watson, Author
15. Brenda Perlin, Author

All done!  Now it’s your turn… if you dare.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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