Want an ARC of my newest work? Here’s how!

Greetings everybody!  Lots of excitement is in the air.

The cover for Continuous Drips is completed and almost ready to reveal to the world, which will be on this coming Wednesday, October 29th.

That isn’t the only thing that is completed, and I am feeling a bit generous.  I have ten ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) that are available.  Before I reveal how you can obtain one of the ten, let me tell you a bit more about this collection:

Continuous Drips is a book consisting of nine short stories: three from Da’Kharta Rising, three from Synful Desire, and three from myself.  Following is a breakdown of the writings including overall genre, blurb and word counts.

Da’Kharta Rising (Genre- Dark Drama)
  • Unrest (word count: 1,052): This is a present tense play-by-play on a lady’s journey towards change and the end result of the gamble.
  • Omitted (word count: 1,508): When Emilia and Jacob meet each other at a corner café, the connection mimics love at first sight.  When tragedy befalls Jacob, Emilia is sentenced to pay the ultimate price.  As her final day of life arrives, she receives a visit that gives varying perceptions of love and loss.
  • The Kutters (word count: 3,999): Jonas Rowen achieved phenomenal success when he came out with his book The Kutters.  Fast forward almost ten years and his writing career is in a downward spiral.  Literary agent Nora Gavenchy proposes that he write an alternate version of The Kutters to revitalize his career, but is met with opposition from Jonas.  When the most unlikely people begin to clamor for change, will Jonas change his mind or will The Kutters remain the same?
Synful Desire (Genre- Romance, Light-to-moderate Erotica)
  • Derailed Endurance(word count: 2,538): Things haven’t been going so well for Korey.  His parents are heading for divorce and his college aspirations are in danger.  Things look up when he meets Cadence at the community center.  Korey feels like Cadence is the one but will the feelings be reciprocated?
  • Final Prep to Happiness (word count: 686): Linda is trying her hand at the dating scene and gets an invitation to take things to the next level.  Yet Linda wants to proceed with caution.  See if you can discover the deterrent in her preparation for happiness.
  • FAN-tasy Island (word count: 2,257): One of Jordan’s growing past times is visiting FAN-tasy Island to see the enigma known as Illustria, but her eyes are only reserved for the not-so-single Lukas.  See Lukas and Illustria’s dynamic unfold behind the scenes—where yearning, suggestive teasing and secrets collide.
Queen of Spades (Genre- Contemporary)
  • Misfortune (word count: 7,774): A trip to see a clairvoyant was supposed to be “just for fun”. When avid believer Sheryl and skeptic Tavena get their fortunes told by Selesta, their normalcy undergoes some serious turbulence. Do Sheryl and Tavena skirt Selesta’s predictions or does Selesta really know all? Watch everything unfold in this tale!
  • Afro Shock (word count: 1,896): Pyruva is excited.  It is her first day of high school but she discovers a tremendous amount has changed over the summer.  Peek at a day in her life which smears the line of reality.
  • Útil (word count: 4,823): Times are tough at Útil Enterprises.  The economy is still sluggish which results in some aggressive cost cutting measures that impact the executive staff.  The fate of five employees—Charles, Shar, Dion, Vance and Lohana—dangle in the balance. Who stays and who goes? The selection process by the new CEO may surprise you!

So now that you have the details, are you still game?

Here’s how this works.  You can get an ARC copy (first come, first serve).  The only thing you have to do is to be nice enough to provide a review on Amazon and Goodreads once you’re done with the read.

If interested either leave a comment or email me at admin@authorqueenofspades.com.

Formats available: .pdf or .mobi

Any time restraint: Although there is no time restraint, per se, I would like for at least two people to post their thoughts around or not too long after the official release of the collection which is November 12th, 2014.

Thanks a lot for your time.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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