2015: What’s on the Writing Horizon

Hello everyone!  Before I jump into what’s on the horizon, I want to take a look back.

I’m just sitting here, reflecting.  If anyone would have told me three years ago that I would have started back, my response would have been a mixture of incredulity and laughter.  In 2011, things weren’t going all that well for me work wise.  I lost my grandfather and my two cats in the same year.  The environment wasn’t superbly conducive to “think happy thoughts” and things will get better.

If anyone would have told me two years ago that I would re-enter the publishing would, I would have pulled a Gary Coleman:

Plus, on top of that, the very poetry collection I debated time and time again on destroying, Reflections of Soul.  It not only got saved by the fire (and the shredder) but is a little book that is loved by poetry and non-poetry lovers alike.

Since the release of Soul, I’ve been a lean (okay, not quite lean), mean writing machine.  I came out with the Eclectic collection around my birthday and Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations to close out 2013.


2014 brought the Pain: Private Pain, that is. Who could have predicting that the most emotionally gripping, unapologetic in conveyance write would be the one to put me as an Amazon best seller?  Certainly not me.

When it happened the first time, it was quite an experience.  It hit number one in three categories on the 3rd anniversary of my grandfather’s death.  It was (and still is) a great honor.  Even during times when I’m not running a promotion, Private Pain tends to surprise me because it does sometimes pop up as a best seller.

Just before I released Private Pain, I already contemplated expanding my writing arsenal.  Short story writing began for me about two years after I started writing poetry (around the age of 13).  Yet poetry always tended to overshadow it, and I knew the only way that my short story muse could feel free was if I made poetry temporarily quiet.  I say “temporarily quiet” because my poetry muse never really stops nor sleeps.

I released Taint on Religion May of this year and despite the controversial undertones, readers have grasped the message.  In addition, two of my short stories were included in an anthology hosted by Durham Editing and E-books (Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets).  One of them, Mr. Bradley’s Garden, I did release independently.  When Summer Lingers, the other inclusion, is one of those set for 2015.

Now that I’ve set the stage… what is on the horizon for Queen of Spades?

In January 2015, All Authors Publications and Promotions will be releasing its first anthology “Concordant Vibrancy”, featuring works from the columnists of All Authors Magazine and talents from All Authors Publishing House.  One of my short stories will be featured in that work.

In June 2015, I will make a bonus appearance in another All Authors anthology.  This one, however, will focus on those talents signed as part of the All Authors Publishing House.  I think it is quite a cool gesture, since I do tend to help out behind the scenes with other parts of All Authors as well.

There have been other potential collaborative efforts.  However, I don’t want to put them out in the universe unless they are confirmed so we will just see what happens.

Over the past couple of years, I have been observing.  Is it better to have works available on multiple platforms or are things slowly but surely headed towards just one?  I have compared the performance of my electronic books that are available on Smashwords (which in turn has my works available on Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, iTunes, etc.) and the one that’s solely available on Amazon.  The findings and my earnings show  the vast majority are acquiring them from Amazon as opposed to anywhere else: even the ones that are available at other places.

Going forward, any of my paid works will solely be featured on Amazon.  It wasn’t the easiest decision to make but this is what’s going to work best for me at the present time.  If the tide changes, then perhaps I’ll roll with the waves.  My individual short stories that get offered for free will still be featured on Smashwords with extended distribution to other areas, since it seems very difficult to get the price matching to go through via Amazon.

My short story muse is happy that it’s getting a chance to shine.  There will definitely be more to come.

One work that I believed was just going to be a short story has blossomed far beyond that.  It’s been a while since I revisited it but the WIP (work in progress) has the potential to be a novel.  If I do further work on it, it may debut around this time next year.  However, I won’t push it.  I’d rather take my time to make it the best it can be than force it to make deadline and it turn out lackluster.

I have a couple of ideas for some prose and poetry collections.  One I can definitely seen coming out next year; the other, it just depends on whether it starts competing for position with my other projects.  Only time will tell.

No matter what 2015 brings, I’m blessed to have this gift and I look forward to sharing with everyone.

Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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