Poetic Hot Seat with C. Desert Rose

Greetings everyone! Queen here. Time for a little Q & A with special guest C. Desert Rose. Today I will ask her some questions as it pertains to my poetry (in honor of National Poetry Month).


(1) Which book or books of poetry have you read by me?

1) Private Pain: Amidst the Ashes

2) Reflections of Soul

3) Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations

4) Eclectic

(2) If you have read more than one book, which one has impacted you the most? If just one, name a few poems that have really resonated with you?


My favorite of your Poetry collections is definitely Reflections of Soul. My favorite poem in that one is “Butterfly”.

(3) Does my style of poetry remind you of any poet, living or deceased?

Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with many poets by name and/or style. However, I do appreciate the art of poetry.

(4) Which poetry book best define what legacy I want to establish in the writing world?


From your works? I would have to say Eclectic. It has such depth and is very well rounded with a great array of subject matter, that I feel that it might be the poetry book which best describes Queen of Spades. You are not just one thing, neither is Eclectic.

(5) Is there one poem or a series of poems that go against your beliefs, yet you appreciated it because of its delivery?

To date, I’ve yet to find a poem or series that conflict with my beliefs.


(6) Which cover concept did you like the most?

The cover to “Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations” definitely stands out in my mind. It’s so vivid and captivating. There isn’t a single thing about that cover that I do not like.

(7) Why should a reader pick up any of my poetry?

If a reader feels hunger for literature and wants to read something that surpasses the norm, then I would wholly recommend they pick up your poetry. It’s so powerful and awe inspiring that it really quells the desire for something more–literarily speaking, of course.

(8) Based on my poetic style, was I born to be a poet, or was I just taught well?

I would have to say that you were born to be a poet. Everything about your style sings like a well orchestrated symphony. It’s beautiful, intense and boundless. This cannot be taught, you have to be born with such a talent as this.


Thanks so much for your time C. Desert Rose. All of my poetry books can be found on Amazon, just check out my Amazon Author Page!


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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