Royal Reviews: On “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice”

Greetings everyone! Queen here. I wanted to stop in to give my feedback on a new work by Da’Kharta Rising, entitled “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice”.



“Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One”

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Note: I was given this Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

There’s Love … and then there’s Love Beyond Limits.

The very start of the blurb emits a sense of intensity and power. I approached this with the anticipation of something very exciting and meaningful.


I have followed Da’Kharta Rising’s works from her origins, starting with her first release “Vocal Remedy”, then a few months later, “Simi’s Komma”. Those were both works that mapped out her blueprint—an air of mystery, an environment that keeps the reader guessing.

“Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice” is quite the undertaking for this writer, the longest one to date. Would a longer work stay true to her or branch out in other directions?

I dove in and was not disappointed. This novelette displays Da’Kharta Rising’s imagination in beautiful flex and surpasses her other two well written independent short stories in depth and deliverance. She dared to take risks, to step beyond the cove of “just dark drama”.

All of the characters in the book, from the main characters to the supporting casts, had a level of importance, used not just to banter off of each other but to drive many areas of conflict in the story.

At its core, the first book of the Transcendent Choice series talks about the power of love, even after death. The vocabulary utilized and the painting of the imagery makes the reader feel the bond between Felipe and Therice. It makes me wonder if any of the loves that I had (or have had) in my life even come close to the shrine of Love’s blossoming painted in Da’Kharta Rising’s pages.

The car accident scene, for me, was one of the most powerful. It was as if I were sitting back, watching a movie, as the writer went from one perspective to another. A few tears trickled down my face … it all felt so real!

Da’Kharta could have kept the premise there, yet the incorporation of angels and playing around with the theories people have about spirits, Heaven, and the like gives “Boundless Limits” extra layers that deem this beyond modern day romantic tragedy.

My favorite characters are of the female variety, but for different reasons.

Therice’s determination and her “will not be denied” attitude drove the conflict to maximum throttle. Vindicta’s intricate makeup kept the pages turning. With each mention of her, a new discovery was revealed. Although she seemed not to be a huge player in this one, I have the distinct feeling as this series continues, that her role will be more paramount.

This is paranormal drama that causes you to question, to bend preconceived notions of angels, spirits, and Heaven. This complexity cannot be covered in just one book. I would have been taken aback if it would have been just one book. From that perspective, the “to be continued” can be forgiven.

Royal Verdict: Author, Stand and Take a Bow!

(equivalent to 5 Stars)

If you want a read that is mixed with mystery, epic romance, and paranormal drama that takes you on a ride from start to finish, this is one  you should not only have in your electronic reader but hold in your hand. As soon as it is available in paperback, “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice” will be added to my bookshelf at home.



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