Honest Observations (featuring Mr. Controversy)

Greetings everyone! Queen here. In honor of National Poetry Month, I extended an invitation to people who have read any of my poetry to stop by. Today, another person has stopped by to share his thoughts.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Mr. Controversy.




Insightful, thought provoking, powerful, and profound: these words sum up Queen of Spades to me.

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen! Mr. Controversy here to speak about a young lady who has been instrumental to and for many in every definition of the word, whether it is as a proofreader, an editor, a poet, a blogger, or MOST IMPORTANTLY a friend.

Queen of Spades has a level of poetic acumen that has the ability to make a person look into a mirror and question everything that they thought they knew about themselves.


Case in point: “Private Pain”: a collection of poetry traversing six stages.

These six stages are, in truth and reality, phases of her life where she has endured a gauntlet of challenges which are coupled with a heaviness that ordinary shoulders could not carry. She bore her soul (from my point of view) to her readers what she has experienced, witnessed, and endured during her very young life. Queen of Spades touched me deeply with her words as I read each letter, while recalling and recounting personal trials and tribulations of my own in the name of becoming the man that I am today: somewhat similar to how she has recalled and recounted her own trials and tribulations within these soul exposing poems as they molded her into the young lady that she is today.

“Shattering the Mindless Myth” has hit me SO HARD and stood out so much that I shedded tears while I read this powerful poem (getting misty-eyed as I write; recalling the words used and utilized in this particular poem). As I have said many times, Truth is meant to hurt because there is a high degree of fact which is coupled with passion when spoken and/or read. In this particular poem, not only did she accomplish telling the truth, Queen of Spades’ words spoken in “Shattering the Mindless Myth” has stuck to me; having me strongly want to just simply hug her tightly (I have had the most humble honor of hugging Her Majesty on a few occasions).

*sidebar: Queen of Spades and I MUST collaborate soon. Something POWERFUL is destined to happen when we write together*

ReflectionsofSoul: Kindle


I have reviewed one book in particular on The Review Board by Her Majesty (where she and I along with our fellow friends and colleagues review books and other points of interest): “Reflections of Soul.”

The piece that I will divulge from this particular review, I will quote it here:

“Ms. Queen of Spades’ poetry reminds me of my own works and writes. Despite roads taken by the both of us were different, they were in fact and in actuality pretty similar in some areas. We both had people tell us and say that what we are doing will not be accepted or successful. We have had people hurt us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“In essence, have we ALL not traversed this path? Have we ALL not faced adversities that showed our True Character? Have we ALL not looked into the eyes of our oppressors and vowed to NEVER allow them to keep us down anymore?

HELL YEAH WE HAVE and we are STILL going strong. NOT to Prove THOSE PEOPLE wrong, but rather Prove to Ourselves that WE DO have the Ingenuity, Intensity, Integrity, Strength, Passion, Drive, and Determination to be SOMEONE and SOMETHING in this life.”

Yes: it is THAT DEEP.

With that, I will say this (to quote the great group Arrested Development):

Queen of Spades: a lady, a human in flesh, but not by law. I feed you dignity to stand with pride realize that all in all you stand tall.

Go ahead Queen of Spades.


Thank you so much for your eloquent testimony, Mr. Controversy, and thanks everyone for reading.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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