Royal Reviews: On Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day


Greetings everyone! Queen here. In honor of May being Short Story Month, I will be sharing some of my reviews on short stories I have read. Next, I present “Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day” by Author Adonis Mann.


“Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day” (a micro-short) by Adonis Mann
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I’m not sure what genre classification would be proper for this work. It isn’t quite erotic, although some nice action involving light bondage is hinting at in this micro short. It’s not exactly ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ either, because although the reader is in essence the subject, the author is the master and sets the rules. Therefore, it is a guessing game.

The side of me that likes a bit of mystery almost wishes the author didn’t reveal the treat at the end. Yet, the other part of me likes the revelation because it is a test to how the sensual dirt that resides in a reader’s mind.

This is a morsel of steamy sensuality—just enough to whet the appetite, without offending those who dislike imagery that is over the top or too blatant.

Royal Verdict: Author Stand and Take a Bow!
(equivalent to 5 Stars)

Thanks for stopping by A Queen’s Ramblings! Stay tuned for even more reviews on short stories during the month of May!



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