Let’s talk Continuous Drips

Hello. Queen here. Let’s talk Continuous Drips.

Continuous Drips

From the onset, it sounds like a leaky faucet. The one where no matter how much you turn the knob, you can’t get it to stop dripping. Then, the sound echoes in the night or when you are trying to sleep, possibly driving you to the point of madness.

No, this is not what this collection is all about. It is about the mechanics behind the pen. What is the philosophy behind why one writes? This question was responsible for the division of the sections as well as the authors involved.

For Da’Kharta Rising: All is Dripping Black


For Synful Desire: Fervent Trickles of Red

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For me: Light Tsunami of the Mind


Here is a portion from “Light Tsunami of the Mind”

“My mind is a permanent insomniac. It looks at my moments of writer’s block and pulverizes them, magnifying the possibility that the block is simply thoughts where I cannot derive meaning. Nothing beats the rush of words that cannot get from synapses to fingertips, then to screen and/or paper fast enough. Others may label this phenomenon an enormous bout of displacement but my glowing tsunami is where I feel most at home.”

In the majority of cases when I’ve had writer’s block, it has been because at that particular time, I didn’t see the function of the thoughts. I tend to see things from a purpose drive perspective: if I cannot ascertain the purpose, then it is of no use to me. Once clarity sets, I am able to proceed. It is reminiscent of “The Matrix” and the scene where there’s Neo and the kid with the spoon. Is there really a spoon? For my writer’s blocks, are they really blocks? Each scenario is different.


“Misfortune” was first presented as a bonus for those who purchased Eclectic: Beyond the Skin. For those of you who have read this story there, you may probably want to skip it. However, I encourage you to do a visual comparison. I am always one who strives to become better, so you may find that this updated “Misfortune” is a better read.

For those of you exposed to this title for the first time, it reminds me of a modern day soap opera.

  1. The fortune teller component, which may make some feel a bit uneasy (depending on the belief system)

  2. The test of friendship, due to the fortune teller’s “revelation” or “lucky guess” (you be the judge)

  3. The pursuit of true friendship without strings (with Tavena and Jazion)

  4. Where love gets complicated (the unraveling of Sheryl’s situation)

  5. The look of obsession (the resolution of Tavena and Jazion’s angle)

When it comes to the element of nonstop action, out of my three stories, “Misfortune” will satisfy that rush the most.


I smile whenever anyone asks me about “Afro Shock” or when I think about “Afro Shock”. “Afro Shock” is actually the oldest story in Continuous Drips. It started out as an initiative back in my college days that never quite came into fruition as part of an organization that I was a part of. They thought about putting together a play to put spotlight on culture and different time frames in history.  “Afro Shock” was one of the plays in contention.

Then, the organization pulled the plug on the project and opted to have a costume party instead. Go figure! Yet, I held on to the play, originally called “Culture Shock”.

It resurfaced during my trip down looking through my own stuff, and I still “dug” (play on words intentional, like “Can you dig it?”) the overall feel of that write. Riding with that wave of peace, I plugged in some productivity, worked some narrative and descriptive magic, and WHAM! (Okay, WHAM is a group from around the 80’s, but you get what I mean.) Simple dialogue with instructions became a short story. The “Culture” bit changed because of the way I described the main character Pyruva: her most distinct characteristic being her Afro.


If the power of a message is what you seek, there is not a story more fitting than Útil. Útil is the newest of the three stories, involving an organization being restructured—starting at the top and working its way down. The old CEO was replaced; who would be next? A peek is given at five employees and explores their mentality and mannerisms up until the day the CEO arrives. In the mix, there is this interaction each employee has with this inarticulate, poor guy—who sits on a bench outside of the Útil building every morning.

That is where I will stop as far as describing the story.  For me, it does tug at the heart and highlights the importance of humanity.

These three works, as well as the other stories by my co-authors, are #FREE on Kindle from Tuesday May 12th thru Saturday May 16th in honor of National Short Story month.

If you were a fan of “Taint on Religion”, “Mr. Bradley’s Garden”, and/or “When Summer Lingers”, you will definitely appreciate “Misfortune”, “Afro Shock” and “Útil”. As my late grandfather would say, “She showed out!” (but in a good way)




Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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