Royal Reviews: On A Tragedy (The Short Story of Fox & Tango)


Greetings everyone! Queen here. In honor of May being Short Story Month, I will be sharing some of my reviews on short stories I have read. Next, I present “A Tragedy (The Short Story of Fox and Tango)” by Author C. Desert Rose.



A Tragedy (The Short Story of Fox & Tango) by C. Desert Rose
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The cover did make me wonder. What in the heck happened to the M&M’s especially the blue ones? Those are my favorite.

But this wasn’t about M&M’s at all. The blurb kept me wondering about what happened with Fox and Tango. So I dived in.

Fox and Tango’s interaction with each other mirrored the connection of teenage love. I found Fox’s aggressiveness quite entertaining—a welcomed switch from the guy being dominant in the relationship. The action sequence was well thought out and it moved like a play-by-play recap. The mystery element caught me a bit off guard but I dug the sneak up effect. I definitely look forward to reading more from this author.

Royal Verdict: Author Stand and Take a Bow!
(equivalent to 5 Stars)

Thanks for stopping by A Queen’s Ramblings! Stay tuned for even more reviews on short stories during the month of May!


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