Where are the Names? (Newest Story in Upcoming Anthology)

Greetings everyone! Queen here, stopping a spell to talk to you about a new story I’m coming out with in a new anthology by All Authors Publishing House. Before I speak on my story, let’s explore what brought this particular collection about.

Title of the short story anthology series
Divergent Ink

Title of the first book in the Divergent Ink series
“Crackles of the Heart”

Premise of series
Divergent Ink is the mesh of different frames of thoughts, various interpretations of one core question that yearns for universal expansion. Although the subject matter may change every year, the purpose of the Divergent Ink series will remain the same.

The first book in the Divergent Ink anthology series, “Crackles of the Heart”, centers around the following question: Can the hot, handsome guy fall for the average, awkward woman?

love is blindSix Divergent Inks exploring “Crackles of the Heart”. Will there be hearts rejoicing or hearts breaking?

The five other people featured with me are

Da’Kharta Rising
Adonis Mann
Y. Correa
C. Desert Rose and
Synful Desire

Rory_DividerMy answer to the COTH question is told in a prose like style entitled “Tale in the Keys of Drastic”. It is about this guy on campus that has a reputation for being a ladies’ man. One day, he is distracted by a woman, and this woman has such an impact on him that he thinks she is worth the gamble for him to overthrow his entire lifestyle. The story is the breakdown of what happens upon his attempt.

I allowed one of my closest friends to take a look at the work. She really liked the flow and said it was a throwback of my prose in Eclectic. Then, just to mess with my friend, I asked her about the characters’ names—she has a thing for getting annoyed if the names aren’t mentioned within the first three to four pages, which is about how long the story is on full sized pages (8.5 by 11).

The interesting aspect regarding “Tale” is that no character name is mentioned anywhere yet she didn’t even get bothered by it because she was so taken with the story.

I invite you to get taken in this “Tale”, coming soon to a retailer near you.



Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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