Journeys That Are Never Ending (Waves to Light)

Greetings everyone! Queen here.

First off, I want to give thanks to everyone that has followed me through the years, even before I started actively publishing again. Along the path, there are people who have come and gone.

The ones who stayed, even with the going got tough and I was almost out of the gas to keep going … well, you know who you are. Just know that you are appreciated, loved, and not forgotten.

b7a4d-private_pain_frontAround February of last year, I put out Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes and it has received a lot of wonderful feedback, even though the content was quite gripping and not necessarily for the faint of heart. Yet, for me, some of the greatest works out there dare to not be polite and rebel against making reality beautiful.

I have been asked if there is going to be another Private Pain and to that, my answer is no. It isn’t because I still don’t go through pain.

Hmm … how can I explain it?

I think it is what makes poetry and story/novel writing so different.

When a person writes a novel that’s highly based on fantasy, there is this element of wanting to keep the major character going, to never let the story go … to never let that person go. There may even be a fan base that is on the hunt, hardly able to wait to learn about what happens next.

In my mind, poetry is a lot more personal. You share bits and pieces of yourself in stanzas and pray that the audience gets it. One person may get one message, another person may get another message entirely. If an author writes a collection that has experiences which ripped him apart at the seams, he wouldn’t necessarily be jumping at the bit to do a part two.

So, you may be wondering, “Queen if there’s not going to be a follow up to Private Pain, then what is next?”

Before I reveal it, I have to go back a few months after the release of Private Pain.


A fellow author I networked with named MJ Holman was putting together a collection of poetry, prose and the like based on depression and wanted to know if I wanted to chime in a few of my works. What she had, plus what I chimed in, formed The Sea of Conscience. It came out May 2014.

I admired what she was doing and proposed the possibility of a follow up. People deal with depression in different ways, especially in the area of treatment. I let her know if she ever wanted to roll with the idea, I would be open to take part.


Then, we both got busy with other things. Me, in particular. By that time, I let my short story muse have the floor, involved in everything from independent releases to being in anthologies. Yet, I never forgot the idea, and neither had she.

It’s a little over a year later and she and I are close to the finish line. It is also very fitting that it will be released in our birthday month, September.

I present to you the Book Teaser Trailer for Waves to Light.

I’d like to extend much appreciation to the Graphic Design department of All Authors Publications & Promotions. They really worked hard to make the grand vision for this poetic collaboration come into fruition. If you think this is something, wait until the full trailer gets finalized.

Teaser Trailer: Waves to Light from Queen of Spades on Vimeo.



Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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