Waves to Light (Much More than Just a Book)


Greetings everyone! Queen here.

There are many questions I have been asked in regards to my works and the meanings that they hold for me. Yet in my eyes, there are some things that are beyond me. Sometimes, an inner voice speaks to you, telling you that something has to be revealed—for a purpose that is beyond you.

When I read the material for The Sea of Conscience by MJ Holman prior to being asked to participate in the book, I was overcome with that feeling just mentioned. I am not sure whether MJ truly knew the monumental value of The Sea of Conscience. Perhaps she just thought it was a series of journal entries that she was sharing with a bigger audience and had the hope that others would connect with what she was trying to achieve. Needless to say, it was a coup to have three of my works in there.

Yet, there was this lingering of “To Be Continued”, despite the amount of content that was present.


The pursuit of Self is not a journey that is one way. Think of it this way: How many times have you arrived at a place of peace, or even where you thought you have learned the lesson, only to encounter an event that causes you to regress, even go back to square one?

The pursuit of Self is never ending. It is constant movement.


Mental illness, specifically depression, is not something that once you put medication in the mix, that “Ta-da you’re fixed!” It’s not like the sniffles or a tiny headache generated by lack of caffeine. There are moments, even when you are on medicine, the symptoms associated with that type of depression are present. With some medicine, it even increases the symptoms. Also, just because a person has days, even months worth of good periods doesn’t mean that she won’t have bad episodes. Yet, it also doesn’t represent that the path is a failure; it is all part of the process.

It takes dedication and discipline to get one physically healthy. It is amazing why others believe that it doesn’t take that same methodology to get one mentally healthy. Just because an illness doesn’t physically manifest does not mean it doesn’t exist.

All of these things had my mind going. I know these types of things can be addressed in medical books and self-help books. Yet some are conveyed in such a detached, classroom type way. It’s like driving the car in a video game and expecting it to be the same as driving a car in real life. The only way to really grasp the full impact of mental illness, apart from being around someone who has it, is to have heartfelt testimonies from people who are going through the journey.

All of that whispered to me, and all of that prompted the idea for Waves to Light.


If you think that Waves to Light is simply a poetry book, stop and think again.

It’s two people who battle every single day in the pursuit of Self, trying to see through this Fog called depression.

It’s two people sharing their own discoveries and techniques in dealing with this type of illness.

It’s two people stripping themselves in front of readers in the hopes that said readers will be a little bit wiser, more understanding and more tolerant of sicknesses that they cannot see.

This is not just for the healing of MJ and me but for the healing of others.


Waves to Light holds so much meaning for me—because I know that if people dare to come out of their typical reading preferences or hesitation to check out poetry, they will find something to appreciate. Something that goes deeper than words, deeper than a book … exposure to experiences that educate, that impact and that inspire.

If you are a person who is currently a fan of my works, I encourage you to pick up Waves to Light. Although it is a continuation of the foundation set in The Sea of Conscience, you don’t have to have read The Sea of Conscience to enjoy Waves to Light.

If you are familiar with my writings and like poetry with the brevity of Reflections of Soul but with the intensity of Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes, my section in Waves to Light “Nuances of Color” is that balance—impactful, brief and enlightening all in one shot.

If you want exposure to a poetry book that has purpose and has the ability to connect across all walks of life, Waves to Light is that book.

I say this not just as an author but one who has always been a fan of reading … not just reading what is of this time but daring to like and appreciate works past a time when trends in modern literature will fizzle away.

Waves to Light is not trend; it is two people’s truths conveyed creatively.


Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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