Waves to Light Blog Tour: Featuring Fellow Co-Author MJ Holman


MJ Holman
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Greetings everyone! Queen here. I’m still cruising along during the Waves to Light blog tour. Today I have a special treat for you. I sit down with fellow co-author MJ Holman to ask about her own personal journey as it pertains to mental illness.


MJ thanks for stopping by A Queen’s Ramblings. First off, such a terrific job on the cover of our latest undertaking! I dabbled a little bit in drawing and sketching but have always had great admiration for those who could do more elaborate drawings, including painting and graphic design.

Therefore, my question has to do not only with your writing but your painting as well.


Has writing and painting been more beneficial than the use of antidepressants in your overall treatment? Please accompany with examples of either how, why, or both.

During recent sessions with a psychologist, she encouraged me to write about my condition, and knowing I enjoyed them, to write poetry and prose. The act of writing poetry was cathartic, but had little overall effect on my moods. When it came to writing prose, however, my mood went through the roof. It produced such highs, that when I went back to her, we had to plan and determine the length of time I could write safely.

Elation can be as debilitating as depression. Concentration is the first thing to go, followed by bouts of insomnia, feeling the world is too slow, being scatterbrain and leaving the stove on and the icebox open and so on. While these things affect us all from time to time, it’s more intensified with bipolar and needs to be monitored. Without a question the antidepressants/antipsychotic combo of drugs is more effective at combating this than writing.

Painting on the other hand, can be the cure if inspiration comes often enough. It can slow the heart rate, it can bring me to a place akin to meditation, so it must also affect brain waves. This is probably because I paint in ‘waves’ of colour and the motion somehow brings peace.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Before you go, please check out the book’s Teaser Trailer and pre-order on Amazon. Waves to Light, sailing your way September 15th.



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