Moon Struck: Guest Post About Nethanyel’s Lady Lune


Nethanyel’s Lady Lune by C. Desert Rose
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Greetings! Queen here, happy to show support to a fellow author in her upcoming debut. Here is the blurb behind the story Nethanyel’s Lady Lune.


Even the moon has secrets …

Traversing the globe—from Louisiana, USA to New Zealand—on an enterprise to discover the hidden secrets of the moon, Nethanyel finds that everything may not be as it seems. Accompanied by a consequential companion named Jax, Nethanyel is taken to a place … even a time … that he would have never expected.

Set in the year 1940, is Nethanyel’s Lady Lune exploration, fate or both?


One of the questions that was on my mind…

What was Nethanyel’s fascination with the moon?

Luckily, the author herself took time to stop by to answer.


Nethanyel comes from a magical place, a mystical place; Louisiana. Louisiana is know, as far back as its history goes, to be a place full of cryptic lore–secrets and perplexities that not many can really understand. So his infatuation with the moon was because Nethanyel could see something in the moon that most could not. She was, in his opinion, not only supernatural but consummate. He could never quite put his finger on what it was about the moon that continually caught his attention, but that didn’t matter much to Nethanyel. Because he appreciated her for what she was; a glowing goddess in the sky. All of the tedious bits didn’t matter to Nethanyel as he was content with looking at his Lady Lune and enjoying her splendor. Sort of like a lover of art appreciates a painting.

This way of looking at things really comes from the Louisiana culture. Most Louisiana natives have come to accept that there is something more out there which we cannot explain. Therefore, they live their lives perfectly content with that notion and don’t typically question it much. It is due to these reasons that we see witchcraft, magic and the like practiced openly in the state. 



What Nethayel doesn’t realize is that his premonitions about his Lady Lune were even more real and more tangible than he could have ever imagined. You see, he was perfectly content with accepting the concept of otherworldliness, but he had never in his wildest dreams, imagined that he would actually witness it.

However, it takes Nethanyel to travel from Louisiana to the most unlikely of places—New Zealand—to see that his people and theirs has something in common. They all believed that there was more to what meets the eyes. That Nethayel’s Lady Lune was absolutely extraordinary.

It is in his trip from one mystical place to another when Nethanyel truly meets the tangible incarnation of his Lady Lune.


Experience the magic of the Lady Lune in this incredible story!

Thanks for reading.



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