Fate’s Endeavor, The Soundtrack


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Today, Author C. Desert Rose has stopped by to talk about the next installment of the Fate’s Endeavor Series “Demoness Enchanted”. In “Demoness Enchanted”, one of the main talents of Zita and her father was the ability to utilize song in order to enchant others.

The focus on music prompted me to inquire:

If Fate’s Endeavor had a soundtrack, what songs would compose each book?

Hi Queen! 😊 I love this idea. 💗

I always seem to have some songs (albeit not originals) that I always think of when writing on the series.

In 2010 (Oh my God, it’s been 6 years already! 😯), when I first started writing the series there was one song that I had to continually play. It was a compulsion. I just couldn’t stop myself from listening to it repeatedly in order to write “If Death Should Love Me”.
No, and I really, truly mean that. I had the song on a loop, playing nonstop whilst I wrote the story.
The title of the song is “Amar a ciegas (Loving Blindly)“, it is in Spanish, and the name of the artist is Archangel. Coincidence? I think not! Here it is:

Although, the words of the song don’t necessarily match the content of the story, the emotions and feel of the melody is completely in par. This song would completely be the theme song to “If Death Should Love Me“.

In 2011, when I was writing “Demoness Enchanted“, the one song that reeled in my head like a ceaseless drop of water on a rock was “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars.

Although, I know that the Twilight Saga uses this song for their movies, I also find that it was the main inspirational melody behind “Demoness Enchanted” as well.

During the process of writing book 3, which I am still working on, the songs that never fail to come to mind are “Right Before Your Eyes” by Hoobastank, immediately followed by “My Immortal” by Evanescence.

I have no idea what song will inspire book 4 as of yet. 😄 I can only hope that it’s as good as all of these.

Thanks for having me Queen!

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