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Greetings everybody. Queen here, to continue my Aspire to Inspire journey. Today, I will discuss my participation in the Concordant Vibrancy anthology series.

Concordant Vibrancy was set up as a perk for those who are a part of the All Authors family. Each book in the series focuses on a different subject.

The first Concordant Vibrancy emphasized the interpretation of “Unity”.  My addition to this anthology, “The Authentic Snap”, reflected on the power of cohesiveness within self.


Diann lied to herself for too long.  She pretended the compromise was okay.  In hindsight, Diann now realized it was really a sacrifice of self.  Diann was just doing what she had always done—putting others before herself. In her mind, compromise was a part of building a relationship as well as a future.

At first, Diann thought she could deal with the cost of it all.  She didn’t frequent certain places because it caused too much discomfort and awareness of one’s other life.  Diann stopped dressing up because the other person (her Joah) felt pressured to emulate.  At times, she even went along with certain things when all parties were aware of her discomfort.

What could Diann say to Joah without the defense mechanism going up? How could she be spared the rant, “I never told you that you had to do these things”?

Well, Diann hadn’t been told directly. It was implied through unconscious suggestion. It was more convenient not to rock the boat, Diann understood.

How could Diann approach the subject without placing blame? Placing blame was too easy, and accomplished nothing.  Diann’s theory was this: for all the blame put out in the universe, one should take responsibility for the role played in allowing the things to happen.

The predicament never would have happened were Diann a meaner person.  She knew things would not have continued this long if her good traits weren’t amplified to being liabilities.  Plus, it didn’t help that Joah went along willingly with the scenario.

The second Concordant Vibrancy was all about “Vitality”. In “Operation Restore”, I applied order to the main character’s vitality.


Today I was not dressed for style or glamour but for comfort and purpose. Wrinkled white Hanes V-neck tee with stonewashed blue carpenter jeans fit the bill along with sneakers inundated with scuffs and marks.

I wrote down my list for Operation Restore right after I woke up and did my morning ritual—taking a leak, washing my face and brushing my teeth. I placed a full headwrap around my unkempt hair, hopped in my car, and made the stops to complete my shopping list.

An hour later, I was back in front of the old house. This time, I decided to park a few houses down instead of the driveway to prevent a repeat of a surprise cop visit. I stood there for several minutes, taking in my surroundings. The block was practically empty—most of the people around here were at work and their kids were in school. It is how I liked it; it was when I was able to be the most productive during the many years I was here …

I shook my head to knock out those thoughts. This was no longer my habitat. Matilda had declared me extinct, and this had always been her home turf. My mentality on this had to shift if I was to ever get past the muck of my pain.


I believe that is great beauty when different interpretations blossom under one theme. To me, that is inspirational and why I like participating in this type of anthology. I dare to go outside the box—when one does that, there’s no limit to what can be created.



Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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