Aspire to Inspire: How “Reflections” Boosts My Soul

ReflectionsofSoul: Kindle


Greetings everyone! Queen here. This latest “Aspire to Inspire” entry will be about the collection that brought me back to the fold after a long hiatus, Reflections of Soul.

I have discussed so many angles of Reflections of Soul—from my bloopers with getting the interior and cover correct to the reason behind publishing it, despite at first wanting to destroy it.

I don’t want to rehash all of that.

Out of all of my poetry collections, Reflections of Soul is the one I reach for when I need a bit of a boost—when some days are a bit cloudier than others.



Transition is a part of life but not every transition one is prepared for. Although I have been relatively quiet (in terms of social media), turbulence has taken place in the backdrop of my life. At times I struggle with the aftermath, even though the decisions made were essential.

“Valley of My Discontent” reminds me that there’s an end game to all this—to keep on pushing even as others misunderstand me.


Valley of My Discontent

Feel like I was born in the wrong time,
perhaps that is why I stroll around,
seemingly never satisfied,
not wanting to limit my life.
Crazy and silly they label me
because I leap outside the box
to have big dreams.
Just a Southern belle
that wants to do well,
just a thirsty soul
that doesn’t want to be controlled.

Obligation changed me.
Responsibility scrambled my priorities—
a puppet while others pulled the strings
trying to sidetrack me to do other things.

But one day,
my opportunity will make its way,
and I’ll know
because I’ll have that inner glow,
and without hesitation, I’ll quickly pack.
I’ll fly away
and never look back.


“Your Soul Spoke to Me”, although originally focused on one person at the time it was written, could be morphed to represent the individuals who have stuck by me.


Your Soul Spoke to Me

Your soul spoke to me,
and now, I understand
that I shouldn’t give up hope
when all doesn’t go as planned
because through it all, I forgot
certain parts of my life are not my own.
Other forces are at work as well,
so I should hold on and be strong.

Your soul spoke to me,
and now, I truly know
that sometimes, it is not others
but one’s own self that stops one’s growth.
Yes, we’ve all been through tough times
and have faced universal pain,
but only if one goes through these things
will she appreciate the sun after the rain.

Your soul spoke to me,
and now, I’ve figured out
that there are different types of love
that surround me and are about.
They don’t have to involve
sexual bumps and grinds.
They can involve common interests
or people who are truly kind.

Your soul spoke to me,
and now, I’m alive with knowing
that it is the little things
that truly keep one going—
a part on the shoulder
or a really bright smile.
I thank your soul for speaking to me.
You make my life worthwhile.


For a reminder that happiness is not necessarily steady but is of a fleeting variety, I turn to “Butterfly”, which I discovered was a favorite for many readers.



I see a butterfly
I like to call Happiness
sitting upon
a yellow rose petal.
I crouch low in the grass,
anticipating capture.
When I am almost near the flower,
it decides to fly away.

I see a butterfly
I like to call Happiness
sitting upon
my window sill while I’m cleaning.
My movements become slow,
steadily deliberate.
I almost touch its feet
when it’s on its way again.

I see a butterfly
I like to call Happiness
sitting upon
the leaves of a tree,
but this time, I ignore it
and proceed to my writings,
but this time around,
it takes a seat on my knee.

Could this possibly mean
that Happiness is also
meant for me?

And as if it sensed my thought,
it again decided to flee.

But this time, I’m not worried.
It’ll come back,



The end of this month will mark three years since Reflections of Soul was released. I am very excited to announce that this work is getting a stylistic update, along with the rest of my earlier works.

On top of that, there will be a transition of availability. There are a lot of changes which have taken place within Amazon that I feel do more damage to the indie author than good. Although originally, I was comfortable with that platform being the primary (in a few cases), the only location for my electronic works, as one song would belt, “The thrill is gone.” Yet, on the same token, I will be utilizing selective placement, since one location where I showcased my works will be eliminated entirely. The grade of writers utilizing that particular site has diluted the population—where the “not so good” overrides the “great”.

My goal, by the end of this year, is to not only have stylistically updated all of my old works, but also to strategically place them on other platforms—along with having them available as hardback. By early next year, I aim to have my storefront open where I can offer deals on my writings and chime in extra items … things that I’m limited by with how things are set up now.

Stay tuned on my site. Things are definitely heating up for the better.



Poet, short story writer, and aspiring novelist. This blog details my writing journey and everything in between: supporting other writers, doing a feature column and serving as editor-in-chief for All Authors Magazine Online.

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