Eclectic: Skin Edition

There are so many layers to the skin but how many dare to lift and peel? Queen of Spades extends a formal invite, using a combination of different forms of poetry and prose, to give you a VIP pass into her inner thoughts. Expect the unexpected and discover why this work is indeed Eclectic. Disclaimer: Some language and topics may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Eclectic: Beyond the Skin

This edition (as well as Eclectic: Skin Edition) are composed of three primary layers, which are described below:

Do you just want to touch the surface? Then, take delight in Epidermis. Epidermis is a collection of senryu-esque poems that will leave a lengthy impact.

Do you want to go beyond or just accustomed to “Vintage”? Then, take a dive into Dermis, where Queen exhibits what her old and new followers have classified as her vintage style. From attracting a new love to arousing outside awareness, Queen of Spades provides experiences that go beyond vintage and extend to the universal.

Do you want to indulge in further depth? Then, savor HypodermisHypodermis is a selection of ten proses/monologues that will bring you through a myriad of emotions, ranging from outrage and disappointment to laughter and triumph.

This also has a bonus section called “Deep Tissue”, which includes the story “Misfortune”.




Rave Reviews for
The Eclectic Collection

Amazing …
This is a very personal and awe inspiring book by a great writer. Reading her words, I got a feeling of reading her inner most secret thoughts, as though I was reading her diary. Yet I never felt that I was invading her private space, but rather given an invitation to learn and know her soul.

A great mixture of poems and thoughts, and all will move your heart and mind.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection!

Beautiful and Gritty Poetry at Its Very Best
Quite simply the author has produced a beautifully written anthology of both gritty no nonsense verse, and hauntingly emotional poetry that lingers in the mind well after the first reading.

Queen, is an observer looking in and manages to express her inner most feelings with an honesty that touches the very soul. Whether it is the philosophical ‘Even if Something’ that deals with inner frailty, or the more down to earth, ‘Broken’ about a failed love, these poems get to the heart of their subject matter in such a way that the reader cannot help but identify and laugh, cry and scream along with her.

This is a must read for anyone who enjoys gutsy and intelligent contemporary poetry. I heartily recommend it!

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